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An ISW Conversation: The Importance of Presence as We Age

As women get older, they have a chance to take the time to explore their inner landscape. I Start Wondering Columnist Jenni de Jong did just that, using "The Presence Process" by Michael Brown to unravel her crippling anxiety and to become more present in her daily life. This experiential journey proved to be transformative--and Jenni describes her overall experience during this I Start Wondering Conversation. 

If you’re interested in purchasing “The Presence Process,” here’s the Bookshop Affiliate Link. All purchases benefit an independent bookstore.

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This was a most interesting podcast. I was curious about the breathing exercises which were not discussed but I’m sure are well-covered in the book. My experience as a calligrapher for over 30 years, is that I was taught to hold my breath for certain strokes to steady the pen and the hand. I did this religiously. The result was that for the next 30 years, I held my breath and not necessarily while doing calligraphy. I became a shallow breather and was shocked at just how long I could go without breathing. Now, I’m trying to reprogram my brain to breathe in a normal rhythm and to concentrate on relaxation techniques that help me avoid the stressors in my…

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Thank you for your comment! And gosh, you've had quite the life experiences.

There is only one breathing exercise in "The Presence Process." It includes both inhalations and exhalations that are done to a specific mantra, "I am here now in this." This combination helps the participant become more grounded in the body as opposed to staying in the mind all the time.

Speaking of breathing, I'd also recommend the book, "Breath" by James Nestor. It's a fascinating examination of breathing (and a very easy read). You might find it very interesting and insightful.

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